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Wolverine Lake 2017

Ready for Wolverine Lake 2017 Henning Wallgren

Hurdal, 08/24/2016 23:30:15

Henning WallgrenNow there's only 329 days till we leave Norway for six weeks in the canadian barren land - the wide open tundra - the wilderness - the land where a man is nothing else but ... food ... unless he's able to take care of himself! Serious planning has begun - we're eager to embark the tundra!

We expected to be two companions - Vidar and Christian - both now what we may call veterans in the National Guard Task Force (Derby) in Oslo, thus keeping a third place open in case Helge Ingstads grandson, Eirik Ingstad, had time to join us.

Unfortunately, Eirik is right in the middle of breeding himself a huge family, so, he is unable to join. So, then: we expected to be a fine and tiny expedition consisting of only two, eager homeguard soldiers from Norway. But - then - an old friend from school popped up and out of nowhere - reading: Colorado, USA. He was indeed eager to join us!!

The man is Henning Wallgren, originally from Dal in Eidsvoll, later raised and bred to be one h... of a gunman in Colorado, USA with several championships and other dull pistol- and revolverstuff been there and done that things. Though: we're deeply impressed! :)

This is the state today: Henning may, if he proves himself to be able to consume enough firewater - read: vodka and SAFT at the social gathering - or exam - at the cabin in Hemsedal this autumn - be the third companion on the Wolverine Expedition 2017 to central Canada - the barren land, deep onto the tundra and wilderness for six, long weeks.

Seriously: he's running his own gun parts garage/workshop and has been a professional gunman for years ... - It may be good to bring on a man that can hit the bear if it attacks, said Vidar. I do agree. Definitely. I agree.

Have a look at the video below. Henning in action at the Rocky Mountan 300 Mudfest in Arizona, USA.
This is small cannon shooting.
Only piece of cake to him.
End of story.

The team will gather for social mingling and planmaking at Steensvollen in Hemsedal, September 30 to October 2 this year.
A report will follow!